What are HDMI switchers for home theater

HDMI switcher is a device that uses multiple video sources and selects HDMI input to send to display devices (such as TVs, computer monitors, etc.). Only one video signal sent for each screen.

Therefore, the main difference between switcher and splitter is that the HDMI toggle switch (switcher) selects one of the multiple signal sources sent to the display, while the splitter receives one signal source and sends it to multiple displays or receivers.

With the HDMI switcher, you can simultaneously connect several digital devices such as a game console, Bly-ray player, DVD set-top box, receiver to the TV.

As a rule, the equipment has from 3 to 5 inputs and one output. The marking uses the designation N x 1, while N is the number of inputs. For example, 2 x 1 means that there are 2 inputs and 1 output. The cable from the output is connected to the television, the inputs are for signal sources.

Some switches also have a separate audio output feature that allows you to separate video and sound, such, If you are using a projector and separate speakers for example.

HDMI switcher

Some switches can automatically select an active signal source (intelligent function). For correct operation inactive signal sources must have a complete switch-off function and must not switch to standby mode with a button on the remote control.

Controlling the HDMI switch should be straightforward. Switching between inputs implemented in different ways. There may be a button on the front or the remote control using to switch. Some models can be remote controlled using an HDMI cable so that switching controlling from another device such as a computer.

This is a compact solution for switching HDMI. At the same time, there is no need to install additional software, as no external power supply is required.

When you need to get an AV receiver instead of HDMI switcher

If you want to build a rugged home theater system, you will likely want to use an A / V receiver. In contrast to an HDMI switch, you can optimize the picture and sound quality with an A / V receiver.

When it comes to quality and ease of use, AV receivers outperform HDMI switches every time.

However, if you want to save space and not want to invest in a specific system that you add an HDMI switcher to, an HDMI switcher may be the one for you.

If you do not want to seriously upgrade the system, the HDMI switcher may be sufficient for your purpose.